Ruan Potts cuts to Light Heavyweight.


Ruan Potts has dropped down to the Light Heavy-Weight division. With 4 straight losses, Some people would say it’s only been a matter of time before this happened. Ruan has had a tough time since leaving the EFC to join the UFC back in early 2014 with some tough fights against Soa Palelei, Anthony Hamilton and Derrick Lewis and the recent Cyril Asker fight which have all ended in losses.

The cut to light heavy weight makes a lot of sense and it will be interesting to see how Ruan’s body will adapt and and cope as he seemed very sluggish and would gas very easily. It’s a great move by Ruan and it’s going to be great to see the former EFC Heavy weight champ back in action, especially with the more than likely possibility of fighting Norman Wessels again as it seems that Norman is unstoppable right now.

EFC, make it happen, Wessels vs Potts 2.



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