Sh#t has just hit the fan.

Patrick “GOD OF WAR” Luindula has called out the RAGE man himself, Gordon Roodman. Patrick took to social media yesterday to call out Roodman on top of a barrage of insults, calling him a coward and a phoney.

Luindula then released this statement this morning:

“Good morning EFC fans, yesterday was hectic on social media after I called out @gordenroodman out, many accused me of wanting a big fight to soon, or a main card slot, 99% of you believe I will get destroyed, well I have done my part contract signed and have requested for no special treatment or extra money or specific purpose it’s my 2nd fight I know my purse and I am willing to settle for that.

This not about big money fight or main card spot, this about a full time fighter that wakes up 4 am to train and trains all day till 9pm everyday, and individuals that have achieved nothing get all hyped and made to look greater than they actually ain’t, Igue kabesa fought an opponent with 20+ fights on his debut and defeated him without a problem today his champion.

I have done my part, if Gordon is true fighter and he does this for his fans than here I am ready to go… He dwells in incident that happened at the gym he just showed the coward he is on how he treats his teammates, this fight is more than a MMA bout, if he signs for this fight I will reveal all in due time.

You as his fans, will be shamed if he doesn’t sign cause that makes your hero a coward and scared little child.
@efcgraeme @efcworldwide please give him what he wants, cause after he looses he will be getting what he deserves and it will all be worth it… 

#feed_me#gorden_roodman_is_a_coward #feed #bring_it”

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.32.57 PM

Roodman heard the message loud and clear and had his own response:

“You insult me repeatedly…. And you think I would care for myself because of your delusional opinions…. Cute….

But what you do not realise is that when you belittle me you are insulting my family. You are insulting all the sacrifices we have made. You insult the heart ache we have endured & you insult so much more than just a man. 

Bad idea : Because anytime that you insult a warrior’s family you better believe that a world if hatered, pain and sorrow will come to ur door step. 


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.06.52 PM

It’s pretty clear these men have it in for each other. Now, the big question on everyone’s mind: Has Patrick bitten off more than he can chew? Roodman clearly is the more experienced fighter while patrick only has a record of 1-0. Will this be easy pickings for Roodman or will ‘The God Of War’ surprise us all!?

Let us know your comments below!