In the lead up to the first ever Fight Factory event slated for Cape town this February, Makhosi Tshipa of sat down with Rowan Katzew, the managing director of Fight Factory to discuss their inaugural event. Fight fans will be pleased to know that the event will be showcasing Boxing, Mauy Thai and MMA.

Below is a transcript of the interview


Where did the concept of a combined martial arts tournament come from? What gave birth to the idea?

You know, It actually came after training. We (at Top Primate Gym, Cape town) are a very fight oriented gym and last year we realized that we had way more fighters than we had competitions, and of the few competitions there were only a handful were done properly, so we literally decided to do it out of a necessity for fights, we thought you know what, we have got venues, let us just put the fights on ourselves.

The other thing was the lack of Muay Thai competitions. There wasn’t even one Muay Thai event last year. So we thought we would find a way to give Muay Thai fans what they’ve been craving for so long

How long has Fight Factory been running for?

This is the inaugural event. After we made the decision to host an event, a week later we had already started the process and booked a date for December. Unfortunately, we got hit with some roadblocks due to the incompetence of the South African Kickboxing Association (SAKA) and were therefore not able to host Kickboxing, which set us back. However we quickly made adjustments and have moved forward with an even better event.

So is Fight Factory a new promotion in the game or just an event?

Fight factory is a new promotion. There is a huge market for MMA, Muay thai and white collar boxing, and we want to tap into that market. Obviously sometime down the road financial gain would be an agenda but right now our main priority is to give fighters a platform on which to do what they love most, which is fight, and we present this platform to all levels of fighters from white collar all the way up to professional fighters, in a variety of combat sports disciplines.

What makes it stand out from other promotions? What is so special about it?

We are the first promotion to mix all the combat sports, you have Muay Thai, then you have MMA then you have boxing fights. We are going to cater for all kinds of fight fans and they are all going to really get their money’s worth.

Also we are taking martial arts back to its roots, taking the frills away, so it is not going to be as formal as some of the events people have experienced. We are having our event in a small underground and intimate venue. We are doing standing tickets, and only a handful seated  tickets, so people are really going to get up close and personal with the fights so I think atmosphere wise and venue wise it’s just going to be very different. We also have a highly anticipated pro fight taking place, and such a powerful card all in such a great venue, which makes for a great night!

Any fighters in particular that we need to look out for in this event?

Definitely the main event, Endi Pegado vs Rafel Wozniak. Rafel is a powerful fighter, very experienced and one of the toughest fighters I know. Endi is in my opinion, one of the best Muay Thai practitioners in the country. This is definitely going to be a great fight, definitely one for the ages

Where do you see fight factory in the near future

I just hope we can give a platform to fighters from all over South Africa. Because there are just so many exciting fighters out there but not enough events we would like to have get to the point where we are having an event once every two months or so, in different parts of SA

Will the event be live streamed?

We would be stupid not to live stream it, like we said earlier we want to give the fighters as much exposure as possible but we are still trying to work out whether the whole event will be live streamed or just the main card, but there will definitely be some live streaming in some form.

In conclusion, please tell our readers more about the event. Where will it be, when, ticket prices and where can we get these tickets from?

It will be on at Friday the 3rd of February, doors open at 6pm and the fights will be starting at 7pm. It will be hosted at the Ring boxing club which is Corner Harrington street and Caledon Street in East city, cape town. Tickets are available at for R100 for the standing tickets and R200 for the seated (VIP) tickets, although these are very limited.

This groundbreaking event is definitely not one to be missed. A great way for fight fans to get their year off to a bloody good start, quite literally.