Gideon Drotschie Head Injury Incident at EFC 35

So, we all saw the the COMPLETELY DOMINANT performance by Norman Wessels against the former LH Champion Gideon Drotschie. From the start of the fight,  Norman controlled the fight and landed some powerful elbows which left a nasty cut that had opened up to such an extent, the referee was forced to call the fight and give the W to the new EFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Norman “Chef” Wessels.

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Since the fight, there has been a full scale debate on Social Media wether it was Norman Wessels who cut Gideons head open or was it an unsafe cage pillar? According to Gregor Weichman, who is one of Gideon’s trainers, has emphasised heavy concern over the incident via social media and believes the injury was due to negligence by the EFC. After watching video footage of the incident, it is quite evident that something must have happened as one minute Gideon is ok and then the next he is going head first into the side of the cage and blood immediately started spewing from Gideons head when no elbows were being thrown? EFC Match Maker Graeme Cartmell claims it was due to the multiple elbows gideon received?

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At the end of the day, Norman won the fight and he did completely dominate the fight which no one can argue, BUT this issue NEEDS to be addressed for the safety of our fighters to prevent it from ever happening again.

Also, how many fights have been won in the dying minutes? Remember when Anderson Silva beat Chael Sonnen in the dying seconds of the 5th round with a triangle choke? No one is taking anything away from Norman, he has proven what an incredible athlete he is but the EFC needs to urgently and respectably address this incident so that this will never happen again.

Please watch the video footage below and give us your thoughts in the comments section on what you feel the EFC should do.




  1. I think this was the fault of the ref he was supose to call time checked and called a no contest

  2. The video is not as clear as you would want it to be so any judgement is going to be an assumption really,it does however look like after he hit the cage it happened but honestly you can’t really blame anyone either! Shit happens and happened it’s a 50/50 I say

  3. Karl Knutsen Reply to Karl

    there wasn’t even an elbow thrown from the moment Gideon hit the cage t when blood started running. Sorry Graeme.

  4. The fight should have been declared a no-contest. Drotschie never received a blow significant enough to have caused that amount of damage and blood loss. Clearly his head has been pierced by the exposed cage pillar. EFC Africa got this one wrong. Once Drotschie is ready to fight again a rematch should be ordered by EFC.

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