A tension-fuelled weigh-in took place at Sun City today, ahead of EFC 61 tomorrow night.

Heavyweight champion Andrew van Zyl defends his title against undefeated challenger Wessel Mostert. Van Zyl is the most decorated athlete on the EFC roster and let his opponent know it.

“He’s a young, hungry lion,” said Van Zyl. “But I am better than him in every aspect of the game.”

“I’m fitter, stronger and faster than I have ever been. The belt will be mine,” replied Mostert.

The DRC’s ChampionDalcha defends his light heavyweight title. Activity in the arena screeched to a standstill when Dalcha emerged and his men from the Congo began chanting.

Hailing from France and having stepped onto African shores for the first time only one week ago, Alan Baudot seemed visibly surprised at the intense adulation Dalcha enjoys, an almost mystical bond with his supporters.

“I’m ready to keep my belt and put on a show,” said Dalcha. “It’s not about the words. It’s about what you do in the Hexagon.”

Surveying the baying crowd Badout replied quietly, but confidently. “My hands talk more than my mouth does, we’ll see tomorrow night.”

He raised one fist to the crowd. It seemed a sign of respect to the men from the Congo, as well as a warning.

Another African newcomer, Englishman Stuart Austin, stepped out to face-off against former all African boxing champion Elvis Moyo(Zimbabwe).

The youthful Austin has absorbed a ton of teasing from the Zimbabwean in the build up, and taken it in his good-natured stride. But all fun left the eyes of both when it came time to face-off.

“This is the match you want to watch,” said Austin during the week’s build-up. The crowd seemed to agree.

A record three different athletes broke their composure and pushed their opponent during their face-off, such was the intensity of the event.

One of these was Kanyeba Anicet vs former bantamweight title challenger Alain Ilunga. Their bout has a long history of on and off, and with it growing bad blood. It spilled over. They jumped at each other, security diving in to separate them.

Due to a late fight cancellation relative EFC newcomers Faeez Jacobs and Kevin Pheko receive a dream bump-up to the main card. Both were super-charged at weigh-in, both are thrilling strike specialists, each is motivated to deliver a beautiful fight tomorrow night.

One athlete failed to make weight. Tresor Boluwa opted for a financial penalty.

The official EFC 61 weigh-in results are as follows:

Fight 1: Featherweight

Luthando Biko 65.75kg

Claude Ntumba 65.90kg


Fight 2: Welterweight

Gunther Kalunda 76.15kg

Francois Cundari 76.65kg


Fight 3: Welterweight

Tresor Boluwa 79.05kg

Pietie Coxen 76.80kg


Fight 4: Flyweight

Radley De Vries 56.75kg

Josemar Octavio 56.55kg


Fight 5: Lightweight

Tshilumba Mikixi 68.90kg

Rodrique Kena 67.90kg


Fight 6: Light Heavyweight

Roelof Scheepers 91.80kg

Warren Allison 92.45kg


Fight 7: Catchweight

Regis Muyambo 67.45kg

Oumpie Sebeko 67.95kg


Fight 8: Bantamweight

Kevin Pheko 60.85kg

Faeez Jacobs 59.95kg


Fight 9: Catchweight

Anicet Kanyeba 71.60kg

Alain Ilunga 72.65kg


Fight 10: Heavyweight

Stuart Austin 103.95kg

Elvis Moyo 118.45kg


Fight 11: Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Alan Baudot 93.05kg

Champion Dalcha 92.30kg


Fight 12: Heavyweight Title Fight

Wessel Mostert 119.65kg

Andrew van Zyl 118.65kg