EFC 44: Mynhardt & Gorimbo one-on-one with the Media

EFC 44 is almost upon us and the fight between Leon Mynhardt vs Themba Gorimbo is a fight fans wouldn’t want to miss but will Gorimbo have the skills to take on the power of the of the Iron Lion? Themba has a clean slate with a 6-0 record with his last 2 wins coming off against Chaz Wasserman and the well experienced Alex Cheboub. He comes from a great gym with some great trainers that are notorious for breeding champions but will it be enough?

At the moment Leon is on a 5 fight win streak with a 16-6 record with dominant wins against Don Madge, Sibusiso Mdoko and Frederich Naumann and with a wealth of experience, the odds seemed stacked against Gorimbo but this is MMA, anything can happen.



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