EFC 35: Post Fight Wrap Up – By Yazeed Solomons


Making his way down to the hexagon, Mukulu seemed confident and enthused, while a composed and focussed De Lange walked into the hexagon looking poised for action.

The fight started out slowly, with both fighters feeling each other out in the first round. With a significant height and reach advantage to De Lange, the powerful Mukulu looked to close the gap with a few good bursts in the first round and managed to land a good takedown as well as a few knees to the body from inside the clinch. De Lange reacted with variation of quick and well-timed combos.

Round two saw a change in pace, as Mukulu continued to close the dangerous gap that looked to give De Lange the advantage. Mukulu succeeded, landing a massive takedown by drawing De Lange in with a good combo and then working from the top. After dominating from the top and trying to take De Lange’s back, De Lange managed to slip out and gain the dominant position. De Lange then dominated from the top but Mukulu defended well. Soon after, Mukulu gained the dominant position, before De Lange came close to sinking in an arm bar from the bottom.

The final round saw both fighters still looking fresh, but fell a bit flat as they both came out swinging with intent, but landing very few. De Lange flew out with a good flurry of punches near the end, but despite his attempt, it wasn’t enough to prevent the judges from giving Mukulu the W.



With both fighters looking confident and composed entering the hexagon, the first round saw relatively little activity. Queally seemed cautions yet eager to engage with Kabulu, who reacted by displaying good wrestling as he attempted a takedown. Queally however defended well under the pressure applied by Kabulu.

The second round started as Kabulu was kept busy by good movement by Queally. Queally displayed impressively creative wrestling ability, landing a successful takedown and dominating from the top as he looked to secure Kabulu with a body triangle as the second round ended. Queally also looked to score vital points with a few well landed leg kicks.

As we got into the final round, Queally looked as though he’d succeeded at beating Kabulu at his own game by displaying more impressive wrestling ability as he took Kabulu down, but only just maintained a dominant position as Kabulu naturally defended well. Queally however maintained dominance with his impressive wrestling, giving Kabulu no space throughout the round and securing him in a tight body triangle. In the end judges gave the fight to a deserved Queally, who went on to celebrate his very first EFC win.



As both fighters entered the hexagon fired up and confident, the first round got off to a lively start. Sayed and Hassan both moved well and kept on their toes as punches and kicks flew as the fighters battled. Sayed landed a good few leg kicks and swung at Hassan with precision and power, but Hassan looked happy to stand and trade with the White Tiger.

The second round became progressively more exciting as Hassan attempted a takedown after Sayed threw a kick that was caught by the watchful veteran. The two continued trading punches as Hassan tried to close the gap by engaging Sayed in the clinch, but Sayed handled himself well against the 37 year old veteran and managed to land effective punches, knees and elbows. Hassan caught Sayed with a few good punches, before a knee thrown by Sayed initiated a takedown by Hassan which saw a sprawl by the two fighters ending up in Sayed gaining the dominant position. Sayed looked to dominate the later stages of this round, which saw Hassan look even more determined to win.

As it all came down to the final round, both fighters kept busy and on point as Sayed fired off with a light flurry of punches that saw Hassan answer with equal aggression. Amidst the vicious trading, Hassan managed to take Sayed down and gain the dominant position, but Sayed defended well as the two continued to scramble. In the end, Sayed’s dominance was enough to secure him a win over a resilient and strong-willed Hassan.



The co-main event of the evening, although short-lived, proved to be quite exciting despite the circumstances.

With Walravens throwing hard and with intent right from the start with a range of kicks and punches, Groenewald remained composed and patient. After a wild and powerful punch by Walravens was answered by a takedown attempt from Groenewald, the two fighters scrambled and sprawled as they looked to obtain a dominant position. The two finally broke, and looking to neutralise Walravens’s aggressive attack, Groenewald engaged in the clinch. From there, Groenewald exploited a gap Walravens left by letting his guard down, which saw Groenewald releasing and landing punch after punch after punch, knocking out the aggressive and powerful Walravens in devastating fashion. The brilliant and brutal knockout saw the referee stop the fight, declaring Groenewald the new EFC Heavyweight Champion.



As the main event of the evening started, Wessels immediately looked to take the fight straight to Drotschie with a dominant first round performance. Wessels looked to immediately close the gap as he attempted to take Drotschie down, and after a scramble, Wessels managed to gain the dominant position, landing vicious elbows from the top while Drotschie continued to defend well despite Wessels’s dominant performance.

The second round saw Wessels continue to apply the pressure, again closing the gap immediately and gaining the dominant position. Drotschie continued to defend well as Wessels worked from the top, but the relentless and determined Wessels remained dominant, letting off powerful elbows that landed heavily.

The third round gave us much of the same story, with Wessels immediately shooting for the takedown and working to gain the dominant position. Wessels, demonstrating superb wrestling ability, remained dominant and continued to land brutal blows that opened up a large cut on the head of Drotschie which saw the referee call in the Doctor for a quick examination.

In the fourth round it was all over. With Drotschie having no answer for Wessels’s unrivalled wrestling, Wessels looked to dominate again by securing Drotschie with a takedown and working from his dominant position. With less than two minutes gone, Drotschie’s nasty cut had opened up to such an extent, the referee was forced to call the fight and give the W to the new EFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Norman “Chef” Wessels.



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